453 Jobs You Can Do Online

Living in the sleepy coastal town of Huatulco, Mexico, I’m able to fund my life overseas working from home. And if you have access to the Internet, you too can fund your life from wherever you want to live in the world.

The Internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities to freelance workers. With more than 200 networking websites active right now, anyone can find new clients and countless paying roles. And the market is open to more types of workers than you might think.

Earlier I told you about all the opportunities available to people who are good at working with words.

But writers and editors aren’t the only ones who can find work online. People with experience of software and design programs, like Photoshop, Excel or AutoCAD are also finding freelance opportunities.

But what if you don’t happen to be a writer or designer? What work-at-home jobs can you get? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Below I list just four of the freelance gigs that don’t require vast technical knowledge or writing skills—and a little about how they work:

1. Customer Service

You remember when customer service was first “outsourced” to workers outside the U.S. or Canada? It meant that you, the customer, spent endless hours talking to someone you could barely understand about your technical problems.

Well, companies have realized they can also outsource to native English speakers, who, with a little bit of product or service training, can answer the phones, field questions and send follow up emails from around the world.

There were 242 companies looking for customer service help this morning on the three biggest networks.

2. Accounting or Bookkeeping

One of the six major networks I looked at today had 119 open assignments for bookkeepers, accounts payable people, inventory accounting specialists for distributions centers… most working from home…

How this usually works is that the company lets you sign into their systems remotely and you complete the necessary tasks. Sometimes they send you scanned documents and spreadsheets to complete the job…all done in the twinkle of an eye, from anywhere in the world, very securely.

Many of these assignments are recurring (which means they want essentially the same project done every week/month/quarter) so this is a great activity for building a steady clientele.

3. Mentoring/Coaching

You might not be good with the written word…but if you’re good with the spoken word—or if you relate well to other people—you can still work remotely.

You may have a career or two worth of experience training people in your profession or industry. If you do, you’re likely to have excellent verbal communication skills, good relationship skills and a boatload of industry or career experience.

Or you might know how to be a good sounding board for somebody who wants to talk their way through a career change or adjusting to a new assignment…

People on the project networks I spoke of earlier will pay for your advice… and if these clients are properly cultivated this can turn into repeat business.

Using just a calendar to schedule your appointments and an Internet “phone” like Skype, you could be coaching, imparting wisdom and helping new clients over the rough spots in their business activities or career.

4. Presentation Expert

A number of buyers are looking for talent to turn things they have written into PowerPoint presentations.

If you’ve never worked in this area before, up-skilling is easy. With only two weeks of online training (some of it free or for less than $100), you can turn mediocre PowerPoint skills into ones that will dazzle your clients and distinguish you from your competition.

If you know your way around PowerPoint, there are 92 jobs on one project network alone… If you look at all the major networks you’ll probably see close to 400 assignments on any given day.

These 453+ work-from-anywhere jobs are just a few of the ways clever freelancers are making a good living—while enjoying their dream life overseas. And you could do it, too. As of today, the “new year” is no longer new. But there’s still time to seize this opportunity. This is the perfect time for new beginnings, a time to finally stop dreaming about having the flexibility of a portable income… and start creating one. Take my New Year Income Challenge now.

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