5 Reasons to Become a Travel Blogger

I’ve been traveling non-stop for nearly four years now, blogging for almost two. In that time, I’ve seen more than 50 countries over four continents.

Because of my blog I’ve been able to explore the nature of the Azores Islands of Portugal, trek the mountains of Nepal, watch the sunrise over the temples of Angkor Wat, and dive to sunken ship wrecks in the Philippines.

I’ll always be grateful I made that first blog post two years ago. It was a small first step on what turned out to be an amazing adventure. If you haven’t taken that first step yet, here are five reasons that you should.

1. You can escape office life

I didn’t know how much I hated working in an office, until I no longer had to. I had accepted it as the norm. Now, my office can be anything: a coffee shop in Thailand, a co-working space in Kosovo, or a beachfront restaurant in Bali. The freedom of working with clients from around the world means you can work from anywhere with WiFi, and that’s a major benefit to this lifestyle.

2. You can travel for free

“Get Paid to Travel the World” or “Travel the World for Free”—we’ve all seen these bold click-bait headlines. Travel bloggers often receive free tours, fancy hotels, flights, press trips, sometimes even a paycheck too, but realistically, you’ll also be expected to deliver some content afterwards.

Still, when you’re doing what you love, writing about it doesn’t feel like work. If you pick your projects well and align them with what you and your audience are interested in, you’ll likely be willing and excited to generate content in return for these perks.

3. You can meet new people

As a travel blogger, I’ve met people from across the globe and all walks of life. The ones I’ve stayed in contact with have become lifelong friends. Others I’ve met briefly—maybe we shared a taxi, or a train car, or a meal. But all have impacted and played their role in my trip. Meeting new people and discovering their stories and backgrounds, is one of the main reasons I love to travel.

4. You can be part of a great community

The travel blogging community, has been the best thing about keeping my blog going. It’s full of some of the finest, craziest, funniest people, and all with the most insane stories.

The community is also incredibly helpful and inspiring. I’ve made friends I’ve only ever met in Facebook groups who have been incredibly helpful along the way.

Whenever you visit a new destination, you’ll have a huge network of people to tell you the best places to visit, things to see and do, and food to eat…that most tourists will never know. Your fellow travel blogger friends will either be living there, will have previously based themselves there, will have visited there, or know someone that does. I often arrive in a new city, check in on Facebook, and see that a fellow blogger happens to also be in the same city. These opportunities have led to countless meetings, dinners, and drinks.

5. You get to write

Traveling, and seeing the world is one thing, but there is one secret perk to travel writing that keeps us bloggers coming back for more…we love to write.

Do it on an airplane, in a hotel, sipping a cocktail on the beach, or wherever you like, just enjoy doing it. You should enjoy writing so much that you’d write even if no one were reading, because in the beginning, it’s likely no one will be. It takes time to develop an audience and you have to love writing enough to continue even when it seems like you’re writing for no one.

While blogging can be challenging, I’ve found it well worth the effort. The opportunities and friendships that have stemmed from my decision to write my first post and become a blogger drive me to continue to write, share, and experience the world.

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