5 Things Baby Boomers Don’t Know About Freelancing

When I started freelancing over 15 years ago it was tough to get going, but the landscape back then was very different.

I remember printing up business cards, and going to chamber of commerce meetings in an attempt to find clients that would need my services. I even started pestering people I knew who I thought might give me freelance assignments.

Needless to say, there were thousands of awkward moments, frequent sweaty palms, and a persistent inner voice that would say, “Oh my God, will I ever be able to freelance?”
But things are different today.

The freelancing landscape has changed radically, and for the better. There is no more need for business cards and no rubber chickens at chamber meetings. All you need to do now is tap into online systems that seek your skills and find your global client pool.

Surprised it’s so simple? You’re not the only one. It’s very common for baby boomers, in particular, to have misconceptions about the world of freelancing. Here are five other changes in the new freelancing landscape that might surprise you:

  1. Instead of you chasing clients, clients come to you. Today there are over 300 marketplaces for freelancing services. These are filled with millions of buyers looking for every kind of service. From simple tasks, such as proofreading and editing, to more complex assignments, like business consulting, as well as everything in between. There are thousands of options.
  2. Your clients initially look for simple assignments, rather than complicated ones. This is especially important to the baby boomer who may have never freelanced before. Building your confidence on small, simple assignments (taking less than an hour or two) is the way to quickly build you freelancing prowess.
  3. Your freelance prospects can be anywhere in the world. The big challenge with starting a freelance business is the size of your “pond” of prospective clients. Why limit yourself to clients from your local area? Today, if you tap into international freelancing marketplaces your skills can lead you to assignments around the world. Giving you much more choice and flexibility.
  4. Your reputation builds fast. Because your clients rate you on the work you do, you can quickly build a reputation online. As other buyers see your reputation grow, they start to seek you out. (At my two-day intensive event in Atlanta this fall, I’ll show you tactics that will help make sure you get good ratings with your clients…all the details for securing your seat are here.)
  5. You can control your freedom, time, and location better than ever before. More and more companies are turning to freelancing talent for their solutions. They love the flexibility the bigger talent pool can give them, as well as the ability to hire people with more specific skills. And they usually don’t require you to show up to their office. You can typically work on your own schedule from wherever you like.

Now the downside…

These remarkable new freelancing systems come with a few barriers to entry for baby boomers. But not to worry, all of the speed bumps are relatively easily to overcome with a little training and insight. It’s simply a matter of jettisoning some of the baggage associated with your previous career.

In Atlanta, I’ll be showing you where the potholes are, how to avoid them, and how to make quick progress in your new freelance career. Join me for 48 hours this September and learn how to tear down the barriers and quickly turn your baby boomer skills, knowledge, and wisdom into a powerful force for forging your go-anywhere income.

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