5 Ways to Build Your Momentum

Momentum, says my dictionary, is impetus gained by movement. We learned the essence of it in high school physics, when we were taught that a body in motion stays in motion; a body at rest stays at rest. It’s easy enough to see how that applies to a Frisbee, but not always so obvious when we’re thinking about a project, idea, or dream.

Every endeavor begins as a body at rest. It’s up to us to supply the momentum to get it in motion. The more momentum-minded you are, the more dreams you’ll achieve. It’s as basic as high school physics.

How can you create impetus and keep it going?  You can use the following surefire tips:

Give up ambivalent commitment. I believe that’s an oxymoron, but there are plenty who think they’re committed when they’re not even close.

It’s not making a commitment to say to ourselves, “I’ll just try this and see what happens.” Genuine commitment says, “This is what I’m going to do and I’ll keep at it until I succeed.”

You can’t spend your days spinning straw into gold and spend your nights turning it back into straw. Excuses and explanations about why things didn’t turn out right, or couldn’t possibly turn out right, supports inertia, not momentum.

Make haste slowly. When things happen quickly or prematurely, there’s little chance of longevity. It is far wiser to take the long view, building bit by bit until your foundation is strong and unshakeable.

Visionaries often have a hard time with this, and their impatience sends them back to square one over and over until they figure it out.

Making small daily moves is far more effective than taking one occasional leap.

Put problems, setbacks, and obstacles into perspective. Why didn’t someone tell us, in a positive way, that life is an ongoing problem-solving exercise, and if we embrace it with enthusiasm, and solve the problems in front of us, we’re on our way to upgrading to a better class of problems?

Sadly, many people treat problems as punishment or failure. “Why is this happening to me?” they wail.

“Because you can’t grow without challenge,” I want to reply. The only people who don’t encounter setbacks aren’t going anywhere to begin with.

Very often, the act of solving problems creatively contributes more to our momentum than any other act.

Build a brain trust. We all need sounding boards, people we can call upon when we’re stuck or when we have cause to celebrate. These momentum builders will not show up in your life if you’re sitting in your living room waiting for them to show up.

Go to seminars and conferences. Approach people first. As you reach out and show genuine interest in other people’s projects, your own brain trust will naturally form itself.

These relationships will only work, however, if the empowerment is reciprocal.

Stay focused on the ultimate rewards. Letting yourself be pulled ahead by your vision can create a huge amount of momentum. One of the best way to enhance this is to keep visual reminders around you. Pictures, inspiring words, and representations of your final results can keep your mind paying attention to the right things.

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