$800 on the First Project—No Experience Required

I haven’t always done what I do these days. In fact, during the first year of my new career, I didn’t even know that’s what it was called. It was only after a client told me that “good copywriters are hard to come by” that I realized.

I smiled, politely nodded my head, and then frantically googled the term “copywriter” after she left. I honestly had no clue up until that point that the simple promotional writing I was doing was called copywriting.

I started out as a songwriter and an artist. But I had an exhaustive and demanding touring schedule that required me to be on the road 51 weeks of the year. After performing and writing for more than 25 years, the passion was gone.

I felt like I was on autopilot, just going through the motions. I knew there had to be something better, but at the time, I just didn’t know what that “something better” was.

I started creating promotional materials for other artists in the music industry, event planning companies, and non-profit organizations.

I earned $800 on my first copywriting project, which only took two days to write. I was ecstatic! I knew I had tapped into something, even though I still didn’t know what that something was!

My first year of copywriting is what I refer to as my apprenticeship year. I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants with every project that came my way. But even though I was a rookie, I was still able to comfortably earn $20,000.

I doubled my income on my third year and now it looks like I’m finally going to crack a six-figure income. I hear some folks progress even faster but I”m just happy that I’m able to tap into a career I adore…that makes me feel like I’m making a difference by helping others succeed.

This year is going to be a huge year for me and my family. We’re taking some down time to travel and enjoy life. I’m getting ready to head out to L.A. with my daughter on a special trip celebrating her 16th birthday.

I can’t think of another job in the world that would provide me with the flexibility and control of being able to make a living, wherever I want to go.

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