96% of Readers Polled Say I.R.S. Shouldn’t Have Power to Seize Passports

InternationalLiving.com releases poll results on new passport provision in the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act” that passed the U.S. Senate on March 14.

96% of readers surveyed in an online poll said they disagreed with a new provision in the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act,” which would allow the State Department to revoke, restrict, refuse to grant, or to deny renewal of the passports of U.S. citizens who the I.R.S. alleges owe back taxes.

Out of the 2112 votes cast, an overwhelming 2032 answered “no” to the question: “Should the I.R.S. have the right to seize your passport and prohibit your travel plans?”

According to International Living editor Dan Prescher, “The results of this poll affirm what we’ve been seeing for several years now at International Living. Americans across the political spectrum appear increasingly frustrated with what they perceive as restrictions in fundamental ‘freedoms’ and they see this latest act as just one more example. People want less interference in their lives, and we’re seeing subscriptions to our magazine, attendance at our events, participation on our website and Facebook pages all go up as more Americans realize that they do have other options.”

“Americans really can find opportunities to live happier, healthier, less-expensive lives overseas. Of course, you need a passport to take advantage of those opportunities, so it’s no surprise 96 percent of respondents want to ensure nothing endangers their ability to have and keep one.”

Results from this poll can be found here: See poll results. To vote yourself, go here: Vote in poll.



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