A Beautifully Simple Income Idea

Here’s a simple idea for making money.

If you can buy something for 20 cents and sell it for $3 you can make a lot of cash. I know it doesn’t sound like much. But let me explain…. In the old days, buying products dirt cheap overseas and then reselling them at huge markups required big money, business savvy and reputable contacts. On top of that, you would need to take the time to meet with suppliers, and find one you could trust. If you found a reputable partner you would have to pony up a pile of money to meet the minimum manufacturing requirements. Then, when it came time to sell your products you would need a distributor or retail store. But that’s not all…

In most cases you would also need employees, a physical location for inventory, and a way to process orders and returns. It was a major headache. But now that’s all changed. You can obtain world-class products at deep discounts from manufacturers that will beg for your business. The process has become super-simple. In fact, there’s one site…I call it a super-site, that will help you acquire any product you could possibly imagine. All you do is type in a product you want, like a designer dog collar… espresso machine… hummingbird feeder or mp3 player (which was my first product!). The “super-site” will display a list of manufacturers currently offering your product. But here’s the best part…

This is NOT a retail site like eBay, Amazon or Target. It is a verified wholesale manufacture site. You can obtain products at a fraction of what you would pay at the mall. And forget about storing products in your basement or garage. This is how things were done in the “old days”. Today, companies like Amazon will store products for you, and only charge you a small percentage when a sale is made. It’s nothing short of amazing! This means people like you and I can compete with the largest retailers in the world. We can obtain popular products at deep discounts and sell them online without being a tech guru.

Valerie Johnson started importing footie pajamas in a back bedroom (with no prior experience and NO college degree). In less than a year she made $360,000. Kevin and Lisa Hickey started importing flags and selling them from their basement on a shoestring budget. They never imagined they would be generating more than $20 million in online sales. This is a multi-trillion dollar industry…and anyone can step up and grab a slice of it. Most people have no idea how easy it is to get started. I’ve said this many times…but the time to check out this opportunity and market is right now…before the rest of the world catches on…

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