A Costa Rican Secret

It’s nice to stretch my legs and feel the warm, soft morning breezes in my face. The mighty Pacific is tame this morning. It gently laps on the light tan sands of this little cove. Over our heads, the palm trees rustle. Little monkeys peer curiously in our direction. An hour north they are brazen. There, if you turn your back, you’ll find them rummaging through your nap sack…looking for food or the excitement of a chase…I’m not sure which. But here, pale-faced visitors are still a novelty.

The morning’s fresh ceviche is sharp and fragrant with coriander. Fifty minutes up the highway we passed a North American style service station. My contact convinced me to resist my strong coffee urges and hold off for fast food Costa Rica style. So, I ended up sitting under a palm tree, sand between my toes, eating $1.50 ceviche from a local vendor.

There’s not much action on the beach. A dog bites surf. He looks dumb, but very happy. Young kids run barefoot on sand and practice incomplete cartwheels. One falls and bounces back up…falls again and bounces back up without even a whimper or scowl. Only smiles. They peer out to sea. I expect Dad left before sunrise. Maybe he’s the guy we need to thank for our breakfast ceviche. A lone middle-aged surfer looks like he has recently escaped from an office cubicle. I don’t know much about surfing but I can tell he’s new to this.

The jungle canopy is an intense and lush green…it rolls right down to the beach…like a tropical duvet for the hills that rise steeply and dramatically from the other side of the road we have been driving on. It’s stunning. Close you eyes and think picture perfect Costa Rica—this is it. But here you have it almost to yourself.

We have pulled off the highway to one of the beaches (they are all public) that are tucked between jungle-clad headlands. Colorful birds bounce around in the canopy.

It’s hard to believe that this place is such a secret. Even to the jet-set in their million-dollar condos an hour up the highway.

Development hasn’t come here. It will. But when it does, this coast will stay protected. Costa Rica won’t allow this jewel to be damaged.

The new highway has cut the drive time from Costa Rica’s capital San Jose from eight hours (maybe more depending on the time of year) to just over three. It feels like we are in a different world, but high-end hotels and million-dollar condos are now only an hour up the new road.

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