A Daily Commute Down the Beach

“I get to be barefoot all day,” says Sylvia Miller from the beachfront in Roatan, Honduras. I’d die if I had to be inside a cubicle!”

The 43-year-old from Haliburton Village, Ontario lives on West Bay Beach in Roatan. Her “workplace” is a bohemian enclave in the sand facing the ocean with small peace flags hanging over the open stairway leading onto the deck. And she’s loving the vibe.

“Although running a business in paradise is still work, the gorgeous surroundings and cheerful people create a much happier and less stressful work environment,” Sylvia says.

“A great deal of our clients are on vacation, so they’re generally pretty happy. And the expats here are people who have chosen to live in paradise, so they’re generally a happy bunch, too. Besides being able to be barefoot at work, making a living on a beautiful beach with cheerful, relaxed people around me all day are my favorite things.”

Sylvia and her two daughters moved to Roatan about six years ago. “The girls were aged nine and 11 at the time and I wanted to make a lifestyle change,” Sylvia explains.

“Roatan seemed like a relaxed, family-friendly place with enough business potential to give it a go. I had the mindset that it was worth a try, and even if we decided it wasn’t for us, it would be a fun and worthwhile life experience for all of us! After all, planes fly both ways, so you can always go back to where you are from, or try somewhere new. It’s a big exciting world!”

The island of Roatan offers great potential for entrepreneurs looking to get into the tourism and hospitality industry. With two cruise ship docks plus an international airport offering direct flights from the U.S., Canada, and other Central American countries, Roatan is ripe with income potential.

Combine that with the low cost of living on the island—two-bedroom beachfront apartments can be rented for only $600 per month—and you have the perfect business location in paradise.

A beachfront business in a place like Roatan provides the perfect work/life balance most people are desperately seeking. It offers enough income for a relaxed lifestyle in a tropical paradise while not forcing a 9-5 workday under fluorescent lights in a windowless cubicle. The view from this office is of endless turquoise seas.

With an entrepreneur’s spirit, Sylvia will continue to enjoy strolling through the sand along the gentle surf…commuting barefoot along the shore of the Caribbean Sea isn’t a bad way to live…

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