A Dream Home in Fiji and $1,800 in Four Days

I am the only one on the planet with this particular view. The sun is rising over three beautiful islands and an ocean that’s pale aqua-blue turning to turquoise where the untouched coral reef is, then to cobalt in the deep water.

I watch the lazy boat traffic and ever changing light from my covered hanging bed.

There’s a trick with hanging beds I’ve discovered—get one side slightly shorter than the others, and it will automatically sway.

Since sunrise often comes early—5.30 a.m.—I will greet the sun and the new day, then later, during the hottest part of the day, retreat to my air-conditioned master suite, dubbed “the penthouse” by guests in a five-star review.

This is a vacation rental property. My very own vacation rental, named Starfish Blue, and it brings me not only a regular income but a place to spend my own vacation when it’s not in use.

Soon, the staff will begin arriving. Ganesh, a 6’2″ Fijian smiling softy, will come and clean my pool. He is gracious and won’t call me anything but “ma’am.” Every visit, he approaches me with one of his new ideas for improving the grounds.

One time, it was to create a sand area up by the pool. The house is 30 yards up a hill from the ocean, so now, because of Ganesh’s idea, you can sit with your feet in the sand and look out on the view or the pool.

The maids come shortly after Ganesh…smiling and carrying bags of fresh fruit and other goodies, I know I’m in for a treat in about a half hour. Soon, their gentle voices carry out to the hanging bed, calling me to breakfast.

After this feast, lunch will be a plate of the freshest, sweetest organic fruit imaginable. Organic by nature…because that’s how Fiji is.

My first booking was $2,000 for 30 days. That was back in 2005. These days, I get $1,800 for just four days. I make a solid profit every month, and I have the most restful, beautiful, and happy place on the planet to call my second home.

Just like with the hanging bed, I’ve discovered a lot along the way. On top of 20 years’ experience in travel and as a hands-on real estate investor, I have over 10,000 hours invested in Starfish Blue and help other people make money the way I do.

I’ve discovered the secrets to commanding higher prices and greater occupancy. With limited vacation time, people are willing to pay high for an over-the-top vacation, one they can relive for years to come.

Along with the money I make, I get to enjoy Fiji—my favorite spot on the planet.

My friends were in awe when I decided to do this crazy thing in 2001. I went by myself to Fiji and picked out a lot. My home is in Asheville, NC, nearly halfway across the world. But, therein lies its appeal. Nearly the same size as Hawaii, it only gets 1% of the visitors.

It’s a haven…a place I feel completely at peace. My home overseas.

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