A Globetrotting Copywriter’s Beach Budget Paradise

One of the best benefits of the freelance copywriter’s lifestyle is that you can get paid in U.S. dollars… yet live virtually anywhere in the world.

And that includes all those countries with a super-low cost-of-living.

I’ve had the good fortune to live and work in many countries like this.

ThailandMalaysiaIndonesia… and Laos are a few that come to mind.

But recently I’ve “set up shop” in a country I’ve never visited before. And so far, it offers the lowest cost of living I’ve ever seen.

I’m talking about Cambodia.

Yes… I know. Cambodia has certainly seen its share of hard times in the past. And it still faces many challenges to this day.

But in my humble opinion, Cambodia is also brimming with potential.

Right now, this fascinating Asian nation boasts scores of undiscovered, unspoiled beaches with hidden lagoons… a fast-growing expat community… friendly, helpful locals that speak English surprisingly well… reliable Internet access and cell phone service… and much, much more.

And if you want to make a difference here, you can find plenty of volunteering opportunities to help make Cambodia a better place for all.

And then, there are the prices.

Check this out.

Right now, I’m staying in a small beach town called Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville is nowhere near as busy as other popular beach destinations in Southeast Asia like Bali, Phuket, or Koh Samui.

And that means it’s still way, way cheaper.

Here are just a few examples of just how cheap it is in Sihanoukville right now:

  • One-foot-long fried fish sandwich (includes a freshly-baked French baguette, lettuce, onion, tomato, and garlic mayonnaise): $2
  • 5-6 barbequed prawns with spicy seafood sauce, fresh salad and dressing, and a generous serving of fries: $3
  • One night’s stay in your own private bungalow at “The Big Easy” Bungalows, Guesthouse, and Restaurant: $7 a night
  • 1 GB mobile data plan: $5
  • Motorbike rental: $4 a day
  • Laundry – washed, dried, and folded: $0.75 a kilogram (about 34 cents a pound)
  • Draft beer at Happy Hour (which seems to be all the time): $0.25 to $0.75.

At the moment, I am staying at “Cinderella’s Guest House, Bar, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and Wine Bar” just 300 meters from chilled-out Serendipity Beach.

It offers a restaurant, a fully-stocked bar with premium liquors and wines (a Jack Daniels and Coke costs just $3), 24-hour security, English-speaking staff, and more.

On the website, it mentions that prices start at $20 for a standard room in low season.

However, right now, you can reserve a room for just $15. And that includes free wi-fi, maid service, air-conditioning, hot water, and a 23-inch digital TV with dozens of English-speaking channels.

Offer to stay a little longer (like I did) and you can get an even better deal than that.

Combine this ultra-low cost of living with the potential income that freelance copywriters can bring in (freelance copywriters that specialize in health, finance, or fundraising can bring in six figures—or even seven figures—per year) and you can have a great deal going here.

I’m not saying it’s perfect. Far from it. It’s the rainy season right now. The mosquitoes come out in full-force at dusk. And the pesky tuk-tuk drivers can be annoying.

But if you’re interested in taking up freelance copywriting, love to travel “off-the-beaten-path,” love the beach, and don’t mind a few challenges here and there, Sihanoukville is definitely worth a look.

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