A Home for $48,000 In Panama’s True Heartland

In the heartland of Panama, there are traditional communities big and small. The few “outsiders” that have ventured this way say the best thing about life here is the hospitality of the Panamanian people.

In contrast to the capital, where international is the name of the game, this region is steeped in Panamanian folklore. The people generally boast European and indigenous ancestors. They are golden skinned and dark-haired…happy owners of white smiles and strong bodies.

Here, paradise overlooks the Pacific—and the fishing is great. It’s not hard to find your own little plot, from which you can watch the sun set over the Pacific in streaks of color…pink and gold, lavender and midnight blue.

I’m talking about the Azuero Peninsula, cradle of Panamanian folklore and guardian of the nation’s traditions and culture. The eastern peninsula is more developed, with a mix of old cities and new developments. The west is frontier land, rough and sparsely populated…but with great potential for anyone with big dreams.

For anyone looking to live in Panama on next to nothing, the western region is inviting and comfortable. With homes in this area available for as little as $35,000, it’s possible to spend under $65,000 for your dream home in any Azueran town.

Near Monagre, the coveted beach town of Pedasi is a gem with clear waters and smooth, isolated beaches. Here, you can buy over half an acre of land for $45,000. There are ocean views throughout most of the terrain, and from some spots you can even see Iguana Island, one of Panama’s greatest treasures.

If, like me, you don’t have the energy or desire to build, try a ready-made house in the Carnival town of Las Tablas. For just $48,000, you can get four bedrooms, two baths, and a traditional terrace on a lot of about 3,700 square feet.

In one tiny town, a beach house offers panoramic ocean views and is on offer for $99,000. Just 20 minutes from the major town of Chitre, you’ll have access to big town comforts like movies, large grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals and more. The two-bedroom, one-bath home is about 750 square feet and sits on a lot of 3,500 square feet.

If you’d rather buy a remodeled home, there’s one that’s literally on the beach in a small town called Uverito (see the photo above).

Just 15 minutes from Las Tablas and half an hour from Chitre, the $275,000 home has three bedrooms and three baths. On the beach level there’s a small terrace from which you can step onto the sand.

The large entertaining kitchen is a rarity in these parts and the home comes completely furnished.

The neighbors include a few expats, one of whom is an Italian with a darling inn. Down the road, a restaurant called El Faro overlooks the beach and is the best place around for ultra-fresh seafood. Best of all, the property comes with a 20-year property tax exemption.

At the Live and Invest in Panama Seminar next month (April 13-16) I’ll be sure to share full details of my favorite properties in our top Panamanian destinations—including the Azuero Peninsula. And if you want to chat about anything after one of my presentations, you’ll easily be able to find me. You’ll find full details of the Panama seminar and remaining ticket discounts here.

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