A Laptop and a Hammock…This Is the Way to Earn

As I tapped away at my battered laptop that morning, sitting outside my beach hut, it came to me that I was living the dream. This was it—and I was doing it! I was living the freelance lifestyle.

It was so perfect it was almost a cliché: I had just been for a long walk on the beach, followed by a breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, and muesli delivered to my hut, and there I was, dressed in a bikini and a sarong, sitting in a hammock strung between two palm trees, typing away.

I was funding my travels by taking on freelance assignments.

It hadn’t even been my intention to start with: I’d quit my full-time job a few weeks earlier and joined a friend on a trip to Goa, India. Just before I left, I was contacted with a request to do some work. Sure I could do it, I told my new client, but I was leaving on vacation in a couple of days.

Then it struck me—it didn’t matter where I was. I had a computer, I had access to the Internet, and I had Skype. Plus I was on vacation, so I wasn’t tied to any schedule. I could send all the emails and make all the phone calls I needed, from wherever I was in the world.

I started the work while I was packing, and finished—literally—on the plane.

A week later I received an email asking if I could work on two more projects. How could I say no?

I was in one of the cheapest countries in the world, so what I was paid by clients back home could keep me in traveling funds for a week in India.

It took half a day at most to get the work done and, given that I was doing it all from the comfort of a hammock, it was hardly an ordeal.

I was in Asia but was working on American projects.

That was a lightbulb moment for me: the realization that I could fund my travels through freelance work.

Being able to work in the shade of a palm tree, for just a few hours a week…that’s as close to perfect as it gets for me.

It means that I get to travel anywhere I like. Work comes my way just as much as I actively seek it out, and I make enough money to keep on going.

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