A New Career This Side of Christmas

Lots of us want to enjoy living internationally but the financial realities of making that work can be an obstacle. Most of us grew up having a job and most jobs were confined to a location: office, store, hospital…some building that you commuted to every work day. And it was usually connected to a single company or organization.

That led many of us to form the view that if we ever stopped going to our building or working for our company or organization…the paychecks would stop. But the rules of earning are different now. The Internet has changed the working world forever—and it’s time you started using it to bring your “live overseas” dreams to reality.

I recommend putting together a three-step plan for creating your portable income:

  1. Think about your skills, experience and talents in an organized way.

Don’t just focus on the skills you use in your work today. Also consider the ones you have built up in previous jobs, in your volunteer work for charities you support or your church group. Ask yourself these questions: Are you good at explaining things? Do you have a knack for finding mistakes in the written word? Are you good on the phone with helping customers? All these skills can lead to lucrative part-time and full-time portable incomes.

  1. Do the research required to figure out what earning opportunities exist for your most “in demand” skills.

You don’t have to build a website, re-educate yourself extensively or be a computer genius… these are simple assignments out there that you can make money from right away.

  1. Join online networks.

Simply by joining one of the over 200 job and project networks (they have over 300,000 open work assignments posted every day) you will be able to turn your skills into a portable income.

Most are free to join and they are a great way to familiarize yourself with the skills those 300,000-plus assignments are seeking. A few hours at this and you’ll have a whole new perspective on what is possible for you.

Here are some opportunities online right now:

– “Proofread a 400 word biography of a business owner for his website.”

– “Look up 10 shoe stores in the Seattle area that sell boots for women.”

– “Provide telephone customer service three hours a day, three days a week for a small retail store.”

Don’t worry if your skills in a particular area are a little rusty. Good skills are easily turned into great skills. There are training websites out there that can quickly assess your level of skill, point you to the places you need to “beef up” and then train you efficiently and inexpensively from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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