A New Life Overseas – No Hard Work Required

Want to move overseas but not sure you can afford it? Good news: there are plenty of places in the world where you can live happily and comfortably on a small amount of income. Places where palm trees sway in the sunshine and where you’ll never again see snow.

Sounds pretty decent, doesn’t it? But maybe you’re worried about that “small amount” of income—worried that what you have is just “too small”?

I don’t blame you. Money worries are something we all share.

That’s why International Living is hosting the upcoming Fund Your Life Overseas Conference in sunny (and conveniently located) Phoenix, Arizona, November 10-12.

I’m excited about this event. It’s unlike any other that International Living has ever put together. Yes, plenty of fun-in-the-sun destinations will be discussed. But this conference is really about something more. Sure, it’s about finding the place that’s right for you (Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica, France—we’ll discuss all these and more)…but it’s more about helping you get firmly on track to actually make your dreams happen.

If you need to earn an income overseas or supplement what you already may have, you’ll want to join us in Phoenix.

You may have already done a bit of research and you’ve found that it can be difficult to find a legitimate “job” overseas. And who really wants a legit “job” anyhow?

The truth is, making money overseas can be easier than you think. I know plenty of people who are doing just that…not in any J-O-B, but by doing something they truly enjoy. Some are running B&Bs, some started small restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or gift shops, and some are doing things that required zero start-up funding. Zero, zip, zilch.

Simply by living where you live now, you already have a good deal of expertise and know-how. I can pretty much guarantee that if you go to any expat community anywhere in the world, you’ll see an opportunity. You’ll think “ah ha”…this community needs a bakery…or a hair salon…a spa…a cleaning service…a catering company…someone to teach fitness classes… Maybe you’ll see that there just aren’t enough hotel rooms and you’ll decide to rent out rooms in your own home to other potential expats.

Over the years, I’ve seen people move overseas and do each one of these things, and more…pet-sitting, making crafts that can be sold, giving guided tours, travel writing, and writing blogs that earn money. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination. And if you’re not an idea person, don’t worry—at the Fund Your Life Overseas Conference we’ll offer up plenty of ideas.

I’ll be there, in fact, sharing some of the tips and tricks (and yes, opportunities) I’ve learned from other expats over the years. I’ll also share my insights as to the best countries where opportunities are plentiful…just in case you don’t already have an idea about where you want to go. (Yes, the world truly is an oyster.)

If you’re ready to take the first step, I invite you to join us in Phoenix. It seems altogether fitting that this life-changing event is being held in the city named after a beautiful bird that has been reborn and regenerated.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your own dreams of moving overseas, you surely need to learn more about the metamorphosis that awaits you in Phoenix…

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