A Photo of My Favorite Secret Beach in the Caribbean

It’s quick and easy to get here—just over two hours from Miami and less than four from New York. It’s got warm, sunny beach weather and stunning secluded beaches. It’s a no-news, no-shoes kind of place.

This is a small Caribbean island…but you won’t get island fever; it’s packed with things to do. Popular with North American tourists, most visitors head to a trendy resort location in the southeast of the island. But there’s a secret spot that’s off their radar.

It’s laid-back, low-key and very affordable. And it’s perfect as a second home location.

This peninsula boasts mile after mile of unspoiled beach. Above is a photo of my favorite.

It takes a little effort to get here—the last section of road is rough. But it’s worth it. A beautiful curve of white sand fringes the bright blue ocean. The hills covered in dark-green forest add the finishing touch.

You’ll likely have this two-mile beach—or a good chunk of it—all to yourself. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic day out or an afternoon with friends.

In many Caribbean beach towns, it’s a struggle to find anything more sophisticated than grilled fish, local beer or rice and beans. But this town offers a whole lot more. Sure, you can dine on pizza or steak and fries. But you can also grab warm flaky croissants from the bakery, a strong espresso from a little café or gelato from an ice cream parlor. Beach and sidewalk restaurants serve French, Italian, Greek and Asian food. And the supermarkets stock champagne, mortadella and even gorgonzola.

You might think you’d pay a premium to live in a place like this. But your real estate dollar goes a long way in this little beach town. You can buy a brand-new condo in a good central location, a short walk to shopping, dining and the beach, for only $75,000.

Better yet, your second home can earn a handsome income if you rent it out when you’re not using it yourself. The independent well-heeled tourists and vacationers that spend time in this town often prefer to rent a condo or villa rather than stay in one of the small hotels. Many home owners generate double-digit rental yields.

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