A Richer Life Overseas

The world we cover at International Living isn’t the same one you hear about on the nightly news. We seek out opportunity—not ratings. This frees us, mercifully, from the “if it bleeds, it leads” mandate. So we can seek out the fortuitous instead of the unfortunate.

Good news: We have lots to tell you. Bad news: Sometimes it’s too much. Readers bemoan: “I’m overwhelmed by the options.” With friendly, good-value cities…beaches…highland retreats…historic colonial enclaves…and lakeside getaways scattered all over the globe, I understand it can be hard to know where to focus.

That’s why we created our annual Global Retirement Index—in the current issue of International Living magazine—to help you navigate “our world.” It ranks the best destinations for retiring overseas today. And it’s informed as much by on-the-ground intelligence as by statistics—which is to say: It’s our judicious opinion. It’s designed to help you compare and contrast what we believe are your best options for retirement abroad in 2013.

Keep in mind, we like all 22 of the countries we point to. None is perfect. But they’re all sound options if you’re looking to create a richer life overseas in a place that costs less than it would to stay home.

Read through this year’s index with your own priorities in mind. It’s not meant to tell you, definitively, where to go. That’s best divined on the ground. You have to give your “gut” its due.

This index is meant, simply, to point you toward a proven path. It’s up to you to walk down it. Fortunately, you’ve got great role models to follow—folks just like you who have made the most of opportunity abroad. We bring you lots of their stories this month in IL magazine. From a retiree staying busy in Panama’s highlands…to a non-Spanish-speaker swapping English conversation for room-and-board in Spain…to a family running a B&B in Costa Rica

Point is: You have lots of good options. What you do with them…well, that’s your adventure…

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