A Simple Way to Earn From My Beachside Home in Ecuador

It has now been three-and-a-half years that I have lived in Ecuador, and I couldn’t enjoy living life here more. I chose Ecuador because it is affordable, I wanted to experience living in a different culture, learn Spanish, and enjoy a warm beach life.

I live in San José, a very small coastal community filled with friendly people who enjoy a tranquil and easy rhythm each day. It’s very near Olón, where I walk on the beach and shop for fresh fruits and vegetables (large, ripened avocados are only 60 to 75 cents each).

Olón has the best beaches in all of Ecuador. I enjoy five miles of flat, pristine beaches that I can walk, run, or bike on. All the while, white-capped waves roll and break onto shore as I enjoy beautiful green forested hills to the east. The textures and colors are mesmerizing.

My big challenge in moving here was figuring out how I could earn money. I was walking away from my career of 20-plus years. I’m too young to draw a pension and my savings would only last me so long. But I knew I could find something that would allow me to work online. That’s what led me to become a life coach for men.

Today, I wake up to the sound of waves rolling onto the beach only 100 feet from my terrace. I begin my day by pouring a freshly brewed cup of Ecuadorian coffee, and then I sit down at my computer to plan my day. A second bedroom has replaced the cubicle that was once my office in the States. Now, I meet clients via Zoom or Skype and help them create the lives they want to be living, just as I have done for myself.

Technology today has its ills—loss of privacy, information overload, and constant communication—however, it has also given me the ability to live where I want and earn an income in a place I otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Coaching men to create the lives they want to be living is my passion. I feel blessed to have the freedom to do this while living in my dream location on the beautiful beaches of Ecuador. What I am doing today would have been impossible for me to do 20 years ago.

I am still building my coaching practice. My income increases each year, my business is growing. The financial reality of living here is that it costs much less than in the U.S., and, because of that, I don’t need to earn as much as I used to in order to make it work.

Rent for my three-bedroom beach house is less than a $1,000 a month. Fruits and vegetables are cheap, and always fresh. Health insurance with the national provider costs less than $100 a month for me and my wife.

I choose not to have a car so I pay 50 cent for a bus or $1.50 to $3 for a taxi. Usually I choose to walk almost everywhere anyway. I am living a healthier lifestyle here in Ecuador.

There are also other ways I can supplement my income while I build my business. My favorite is teaching Chinese kids English online. What a fun and easy gig. It’s a guaranteed income too. Spending a few hours a day teaching online removed the pressure to immediately make money in my coaching practice when I was getting started.

There are many opportunities and ways to create an income online, so there is no reason why you can’t also make a move to Ecuador. What is your passion? What skills do you have? How could you provide value to others with those skills and make money in the process?

It may be as simple as asking your employer how you might work remotely. I have a friend who did that very thing with her employer and is now living on the beach here. She works looking out over the ocean in the morning and swims in it in the afternoon.

It only takes a computer and internet connection to turn your dream of living in Ecuador into a reality while building your business.

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