A Six-Figure Income in Tuscany – Thanks to e-Books

It was a lovely fall day as we strolled through Radda in Chianti, a beautiful walled medieval town in Tuscany.

Seeing an ATM across the road, I decided to top up my supply of euros.

Now, millions of people every day who are living or traveling abroad use a debit card from their native country to withdraw cash. But my card is truly international. My income comes every month from countries like Japan, Mexico, Brazil, India, and many others. Most importantly, I’ve never even set foot in most of the countries that I receive income from. And the money is for work I did months—or even years—ago.

That’s the joy of earning passive income from e-books.

This is a huge business. Sales from e-books are expected to pass total print book sales in the next two years. You can get in now and get your share of the e-book pie.

My income comes from some of the biggest companies in the world—like Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. They pay me royalties every month for some simple “how-to” and information books—most of which I didn’t write.
Because you don’t have to be a writer to make money from the e-book revolution.

I created these books using a very basic strategy.

I focus on “how-to” and information books. I find a subject that folks are interested in—acid reflux…meditation…anxiety…gluten-free food—find a writer to write about it, and create an e-book.

I’m targeting niche audiences that are looking for a quick read with specific information. They don’t want to wade through a bunch of fluff to get to what they’re looking for. As long as you strive to provide great content and they close the book with the feeling they learned some new and valuable information, you’ll be fine with the shorter format of 7,500-15,000 words. Amazon has even introduced a new master category, Kindle Short Reads, to highlight the good works in the shorter format.

This kind of e-Book can be written quickly and usually aren’t very long. Plus they’re evergreen—in other words, they have a long shelf life.

No idea what to write about? I can show you how to choose topics that have a readership just waiting for them. It’s part of my secret strategy for making a profit from e-books.

How is it that money comes to me from those countries I mentioned earlier? Well it seems that people the world over are looking for the same information. I simply gave Amazon, Apple, and the others the permission to sell my information on their various international sites.

And that’s how my account gets topped up every month…while I’m touring around Tuscany and other exotic parts of the world at my leisure.

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