A Vacation Home in Ireland… From Just $45,000

Real estate values have fallen so far in Ireland…that today, $27,000 puts you in the game. (Spend that much and you get a traditional-style, semi-detached cottage in need of some modernization.)

Spend a little over $45,000 and you won’t have the hassle of home improvements. That amount gets you a modern condo. For a home with high-end finishes in a “country club” setting you need $96,500 or, if you reach a bit further into your pockets, $148,000 will buy you a comfortable, modernized three-bedroom white-washed farmhouse.

I’m not talking about buying in some kind of backwater either. These deals are in Ireland’s most scenic and beautiful region.

County Kerry in the south west is where Irish, Europeans and North Americans come to vacation or retire.

Known as “The Kingdom,” this part of Ireland is famed for its dramatic Atlantic coastline, sandy beaches, lakes, quaint cottages and traditional, music-filled pubs.

You can buy your dream home here for one fifth of what it would have cost in 2007.

Ireland’s boom made real estate among the most expensive on earth. Then the economy collapsed. The market stalled. Deluded sellers banked on a return to the good times or at least stabilization. It wasn’t to be.

In 2011 fire-sale auctions came to Ireland. These showed sellers they had to reduce prices by up to 80% or more to find a buyer. Sellers have become more realistic now that the lesson has sunk in.

These days you don’t have to hit the auctions to buy at low prices. You can shop for property at your leisure instead.

And there’s no better place for “leisure” in Ireland than County Kerry. Think of it as the gold standard of what Ireland has to offer: Charm, culture, dramatic and diverse scenery, outdoor activities, fine dining and great pub food.

This is my backyard, an hour from my Ireland base. It’s where I come to relax when I’m not on the road scouting real estate in the Americas and Asia. And few places on my beat have comparable values today, certainly nowhere this scenic. And definitely not in a modern, welcoming, English-speaking country.

In the upcoming June issue of International Living magazine, I’ll reveal more about Ireland’s property bargains in Kerry and beyond, negotiating tips you can use to get even better deals, property examples and more.

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