A Warm, Sunny Beach Town Spells Profits in This Easy Enterprise

It was 10 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. I had just finished drinking a cappuccino with a friend at a local café. Now, I was going to meet a client and spend about an hour getting them set up in their vacation rental. Then I would go back to my home office to spend another 30 minutes or so answering emails.

But after that hour-and-a-half…my day was wide open and I was planning to spend some time at the beach.

You see, I manage properties in my overseas hometown of Salinas, Ecuador. It allows me to have a flexible schedule, work from home, and enjoy a good income…with very low start-up costs.

I’m able to go to soccer practice with my sons…stop at the salon for a manicure…and photograph the magnificent sunsets from the beach. These are just a few of the activities I had a hard time fitting into my schedule back in the U.S.

Here in Salinas, I have time to enjoy life more. It’s a relaxed beach town with modern grocery stores, a movie theater, and a huge local seafood and farmers market where I can get high-quality fish, fruit, and produce. The lifestyle is family oriented…a perfect environment to raise my two young sons.

Property management is something you can get into easily. You don’t need any experience…though some good start-up advice will help.

Over the years, I have learned what services clients value most and what pitfalls to avoid.

For instance, I give a customized welcome letter to each renter. Something as simple as directions to a grocery store can improve the vacation experience for your client. A welcome letter is an easy way to help them get their bearings.

And you may be surprised to learn that one of the most popular services I provide is booking airport transfers. This has nothing to do with the actual properties I manage, but it is indispensable in maintaining client satisfaction. You see, clients want a hassle-free visit and details like the airport transfer and the welcome letter are key to making that happen.

My management company is full service and covers everything from rentals to facilitating Internet service, to finding the perfect dining room table for a client’s new condo. By diversifying my business, I am maximizing income potential, while still maintaining the flexible schedule I desire.

A friend of mine also lives overseas and makes a good income in property management, but with a different twist. She invested a relatively small budget in a handful of rental properties, which she manages herself.

Whether you are thinking about running a full-service property management business or managing your own portfolio of rental properties, this is a great way to profit from this business without having to invest a lot of money.

You become your own boss and decide how much, or how little, work you want to take on.

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