From an IL Reader – A Warning About the Next IL Event

This time last year I couldn’t wait to attend the Live & Invest Overseas Conference in Las Vegas. I wanted to find out as much information as possible about my country of choice: Panama.

I had done my research and made friends with expats living in Panama using resources like Facebook (see IL’s Facebook page here). I felt totally comfortable with my decision.

But by the end of the Conference, I had a new ideal country, and nobody was more surprised about it than I. Fair warning: This could happen to you, too. In fact, if you’re lucky, it will.

I thought I could never afford to live in this country. I figured it was too “discovered,” too expensive, and there would be no way for me to earn any type of income while I lived there. Wrong on all counts—the Live & Invest Overseas Conference showed me how to do it all. This “new” country which captivated my interest was Costa Rica.

On the first day of the Conference, I attended all of the seminars relating to Panama and truly enjoyed them. I had some spare time available one day and decided to check out a seminar about Costa Rica just for the heck of it. It was a wonderful presentation, and it enlightened me to the truth about Costa Rica: It’s affordable, its health care system is good, and there are lots of opportunities available for someone like me.

I was fascinated with the images of the country and its people on display. I spoke with one Costa Rica expert throughout the Conference and questioned him about everything from government to health care costs to native insects; he could not have been more open, honest, or helpful. I left wanting to visit the country.

Our personal tour guide in Costa Rica was a real estate developer we met at the Live & Invest Overseas Conference. While there, we met some of the nicest and most interesting people you could ever imagine—all International Living readers, too!

There was never any pressure to buy something; it was just a relaxing and informative tour of home sites, the community, and of course, the beautiful beaches! I took a second trip to Costa Rica two months later to make sure this was still where we wanted to be (it was)…and we bought a lot. We’re excited about building our home in Costa Rica within the next few years.

I never would have discovered Costa Rica had I not dropped in on that particular seminar. My advice to Conference attendees this year is to keep an open mind. Attend as many workshops and presentations as you can, even if you think it might not be where your focus lies. Talk to the presenters. They were all so wonderful and willing to answer any questions I had, and I felt this was truly the “heart” of the Conference.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I had in attending last year’s Conference that I eagerly anticipate the upcoming Live & Invest Overseas Conference 2011.

Editor’s note: In Las Vegas, Oct. 6-8, not only will we have experts and expats from Costa Rica and Panama…but you’ll meet more than 50 experts who’ll profile and present 54 towns and cities around the world…from Asia to Europe to Latin America…where you can live well from $697 to $2,500 a month. Get the full details here.


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