Are You International Living’s Next Great Writer?

Can you fascinate our 100,000+ readers every month with your writing?

3 Positions to Be Filled

  1. Looking for our “Indiana Jones of Natural Health” – Do you have experience in medical science? Do you love poring over the latest studies? Want to travel the world hot on the trail for the latest discovery? Keep reading…
  2. Looking for our next “Real Estate Investing Guru” – Do you have experience investing in REITs, stocks, crowdfunding opportunities, RELPs, or other real estate vehicles? We’re looking for someone who can write about getting started in real estate investment in a smart, approachable way.
  3. Looking for our “Gumshoe in Paradise” – Over at the bar, under a well-worn panama hat, typing on a beat-up laptop, sits our “gumshoe in paradise.” Our gumshoe will fascinate our readers every month with new adventures from around the world. Must be: an excellent writer with personality and a point of view. Must love: sipping a cold one by the beach, chatting up the locals, and livin’ free.


Dear Reader,

If you just heard a “ding, ding, ding” in your head… then I’d like to hear from you.

I’m looking for writers with a strong voice who can deliver BIG ideas and FASCINATING stories each month to our 100,000+ readership.

These are editor-level positions, not correspondent positions. Pay is competitive. The right person could be earning six figures within three years.

You should be able to produce 5,000 words a month plus weekly or daily content. You should be a clear writer, able to meet deadlines, and eager to grow with our company like a partner.

To respond, submit your CV, a writing sample, and a sample article pitch (see below) to the email address below. Your email subject line should include your initials and the position you’re applying for e.g. “R. F. – Gumshoe in Paradise”

Your Sample Article Pitch: It’s Day 1. You’re sitting in our conference room at Woodlock House in Ireland. What two stories/articles do you pitch? What are you most excited to share? Write up pitches for your two choices (400 words max for each).

Please respond to: [email protected]