Top Customer Service Questions Answered

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Q1. What is my Username for logging into the Members Area?
A1. Your Email address is your Username for logging into the Members Area.

Q2. I am a new customer, what is my password?
A2. Your password is what you set up on the order form when you placed your first order. However, if you have forgotten this, you can retrieve your password here:

Q3. I have a username and password for International Living, however, what is my username and password for Global Intelligence?
A3. The username and password for International Living is the same for Global Intelligence and all purchases accessible on the IL website, Other purchases include Real Estate Trend Alert, Country Manuals, short reports etc.…

Q4. Why is my email address not recognized on your website?
A4. You may have used an alternative email address when placing your order with us. Please use the email address you signed up with or placed your order with.

Q5. Where can I find the products and subscriptions that I purchased?
A5. All purchases of IL products and subscriptions can be found in the Members Area here.

Q6. Why can’t I find my products on your website for Winton Churchill or Warren Hardy?
A6. Winton Churchill and Warren Hardy are third party products that are not held on the IL website. Please review your email inbox/Spam/Junk folders after a purchase of one of these products and you will find an email from Winton/Barefoot Consultants or Warren on how to access the products.

Q7. Why am I no longer receiving a mailed copy of my International Living magazine?
A7. Effective January 1, 2023, International Living magazine will be delivered on the members area of the website in a digital format. Due to the rising cost of print and the unreliability of the paper supply, we made the decision to go digital. You can login here.

Q8. Why did you make the decision to discontinue sending the printed version of International Living magazine?
A8. We’d much prefer to funnel our resources into providing more value, including a timely, quality monthly digital publication that includes videos, and live streams, and more – all available right on your computer or tablet.

We’ve created a rich digital experience for you—one we’ll be constantly augmenting—and we feel confident you’ll enjoy the added resources we’ll now be able to deliver. You’ll have more opportunities to engage with our experts to get the answers you’re looking for so you can find that place that’s right for you and get there with confidence.

This decision was driven by the ongoing increase in the cost of printing, as well as the delays caused by paper shortages and unreliable mail service. These rising costs would have ultimately required us to raise the subscription fees, and we didn’t want to do that.

Q9. How can I cancel my International Living magazine subscription?
A9. We hope you’ll stick with us as a member of our IL “family.” There’s no risk for you in staying on to experience for yourself the added member benefits you’ll be able to take advantage of with a digital subscription.

We’ll be bringing you more videos and slide shows so you can get a richer and more realistic sense for the places we write about. We’ll be bringing you more live streams and Q&As with our experts, so you can get your questions answered.

So we invite you to give the digital experience a chance—we think you’ll like what you see. If, however, once you’ve given it a fair shake, you still want to go, please complete this form selecting “Cancel my IL Magazine subscription” as the reason for your inquiry.

Q10. Is there an option to print the magazine from a PDF?
A10. Yes, you’ll find an icon for the PDF version next to the cover of the current issue in the members area. You click on the icon to print the issue. You can login here.

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