Add This Paradise to Your Short List

We’re all alone on the beach of this picture-perfect paradise.

To get here, we took a road that winds its way through hills of rich green palm trees. From the elevated road the bay opens up in front of us—glass flat and bright blue save for tourist boats whale spotting. Beyond the boats the mainland’s national park rises from the bay.

The beach forms a wide curve and then disappears into flat turquoise water. Beyond, waves gently break on a point. Moving my eyes up, I spy a peninsula looming above us in the near distance.

My friend and I came here by SUV along a smooth, paved road…but as we arrive at our destination, the paved road turns to potholes and then blinding white powder sand.

The road ends right at the beach. Music and robust laughter drifts on the breezes from the beachfront palapa (palm leaf) bar. The white sand is warm and soft on bare feet. Fishing boats are tucked up under gently swaying palm trees.

A few backpackers meander up the middle of the main road of the town. Everything else is quiet. The scene reminds me of a visit I once took to a remote island. To get to that island, I took a flight and two boat trips to reach the chilled beach town bliss.

But it’s not such an expedition to reach this idyllic hideaway. Here, where I’m standing, you could leave JFK in the morning and feel these warm breezes, and hear the lapping waters by lunch.

We’re only 25 minutes from a major cruise ship port…and 50 minutes from a bustling, very chic town filled with French and Italian restaurants.

Sometimes places this beautiful just stay under the radar. That’s until something happens…like a place gets more accessible…or word gets out or a celebrity moves to town. I’ve seen this happen before in places like Roatan on the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Those flights from JFK to the international airport one-hour-and-15-minutes away only started this year.

Canadians have been coming direct from Toronto to this area for some time…but they’ve tended not to move beyond that neighboring chic little town I told you about.

It’s understandable. When you hit that neighboring town, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s as good as it gets and not venturing further. That’s what I thought and why I had to be convinced to add this to my itinerary…and I’m so glad I did.

A place this stunning can’t stay under the radar for long. Particularly with new flights coming from the U.S. and the improved road links coming from the country’s capital.

Right now, though, your dollar stretches further here. I’ll talk to members of the Real Estate Trend Alert more about what this destination has to offer in terms of real estate in the coming weeks.

But for now, here’s a taster.

You’ll find some ground-floor, deeply undervalued real estate here. For example, $129,000 could buy you a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home perched on a hill above this little town.

You have unobstructed views to the water from your large patio area. And, to the side of the home you have mature fruit trees and space for a little garden.

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Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser).



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