The Adventures of a Simpler Life in Belize

I’m a small town girl. I grew up in the village of Mahomet, Illinois, and though I moved away, I’ve brought the love of simpler living with me.

After becoming a dental hygienist—something I worked as for 33 years—I lived in the Florida Keys, before moving to the Bahamas. Both places were nice—but they didn’t offer that quiet, peaceful, simpler way of life and cheaper cost of living I was always looking for. So my husband Bob and I began to look further afield for such a lifestyle, including in Costa Rica and Panama.

Then we came to Belize…and on that first visit we knew it was what we were looking for.

It has the strong community feel you’d find in a small town. One of the first things I noticed when we came to Belize was the children—so happy with great smiles. The families are very close and children respect their elders and look after them.

The Belizean people have a calming presence to them, so that you can’t help but be more relaxed. Plus they speak English, which makes making friends much easier. Walking down the street, strangers will greet you with hellos with a smile on their face and wish you a good day. And, if you ever need a helping hand, they’re there for you.

But it’s not just the people who make Belize great. In our new home town of Corozal, there is an amazing variety of things to do within a short distance. You can go snorkeling, diving, or fishing…visit myriad archeological sites…or go cave tubing.

There are also a host of women’s and men’s clubs to join, social gatherings, and volunteer groups. And, if you want to indulge a hobby, there are craft courses, yoga, Tia Chi, health clubs, water aerobics, a culture center—the list goes on. You can be as active as you want.

Plus, Corozal is only 10 miles from Chetumal, Mexico, which has a Sam’s Club, a Walmart, malls, theaters, and casinos.

Belize has so many opportunities for those who move down here—not just for retirees but for people who are interested in starting a business.

After moving to Corozal, Bob and I bought and built the Almond Tree Hotel Resort. Owning this hotel has of course been challenging at times—but the rewards have been fantastic.  We are rated #1 on Trip Advisor in Corozal and won the Belize Hotel Association Award for small hotel of the year in 2012. It has been very satisfying to have been able to accomplish our goals.

We love Belize and are glad that we made it our home. Opportunities are unlimited here if you seek a new adventure.

Or, come down and just relax. If you want to live a healthier simpler life, Corozal, Belize is the place to be.

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