After Miles of Sandy Beach, I Found This…

The beach town I’ll tell you about today is a special place.

When the first visitors came over the hills on donkeys a couple of decades ago, all they found were fishermen’s colorful beachfront huts. Today those huts are bustling French and Italian restaurants where you can get great coffee and gelato, pizza and lobster ravioli.

On the edge of town, you’ll find boutique hotels and restaurants that serve freshly grilled seafood on the beach…and the best Cuban tapas I’ve ever tasted.

Around here, almost 20 miles of beach is interrupted by only a couple of rocky points.

French and Italians started coming here two decades ago. You’ll also find other Europeans…Swiss and some Brits. Canadians have also started to come in numbers.

But so far, this area has been largely overlooked by Americans—even though it’s more accessible than ever. Today it’s not as hard to get here as it was 20 years ago. Thanks to a new road the capital city is less than two hours away…and an international airport is just 25 minutes away.

It’s a place where real estate is seriously undervalued. That’s despite the fact that development has been tightly restricted. There are no high-rises. Outside town there are a couple of larger all-inclusive hotels. But that’s it. Neither locals nor expats want to go “mass market.” They want boutique development to keep this little town as it is.

A stunning home could be yours here, if you’re a member of the Real Estate Trend Alert. It’s a luxury three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom townhome. Just above the beach, it has stunning views to the turquoise waters below. You can enjoy those views from the home…from its private deck…from its splash pool…or from the hot tub on the deck.

This house hasn’t been listed yet. My contact on-the-ground has agreed to offer it to members of the Real Estate Trend Alert group for 10 days. Then it gets listed.

Here’s the deal. The developer wanted $350,000. It’s the last home available in this little community. He wants to sell it fast (and discreetly) and move on to his next project. I know he will take $295,000 for a quick sale. I suspect he might even take a bit less from a buyer who can close fast.

My advice is to make him a low-ball offer, say $280,000. I think he might bite…but go no lower…my sense is that he won’t entertain a conversation if the offer is any lower.

If you’re in the market for something at a lower cost, you’re in luck here, too—a lower budget will get you in the game.

As I said before, real estate in this area is undervalued. It gets even more affordable when, because of a special situation, a seller needs to get out fast and is willing to trade a quick sale for a discounted price.

Like a comfortable condo of 800 square feet in a little community for $105,000. This  community has its own pool. But, at only 60 steps to the beach, I think you’ll spend more time there than lounging by the pool. All the town’s stores and amenities are also on your doorstep.

This is the type of special situation opportunity I tell members of Real Estate Trend Alert about. When deals like this come up, they sell fast.

Full details on how you can be the first to hear about opportunities like this are here.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser).



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