In Pictures: Your New Home in Overlooked Italy For $63,700

Italy is the land of ancient culture, magnificent landscapes, and delicious food. So how can you get that bella vita (beautiful life) without the crowds and high price tag? Though big hitters like Rome, Florence, Venice, and the gorgeous Tuscan countryside are well worth the visit, they may not be the best choice for those looking to escape to Italy affordably.


With its ethereal golden hills, famous art cities, and celebrated hill towns, Tuscany certainly needs no introduction. Italy’s most illustrious region has basked in the limelight for centuries and its mere name evokes sighs from just about anybody who has visited—or wants to.

Enjoying Italian Life With an Airbnb Income in Piedmont

"Looking from our balcony I see the valley with the green mountains that touch the clouds in spring and summer. Our village below has stood through time and the fields above our house are filled with Alpine wildflowers of every color," says Lisa Chiodo, who, together with her husband Sam and their two children, Carina and Luca, now lives in Piedmont, Italy.