As a Freelancer I’m Master of My Own Universe

It's been 10 years since I came to Mexico City. I never planned on making it my home but after only a few short months, I had fallen for this chaotically romantic and endlessly surprising city. Living in the United States, nothing depressed me more than having to get into my car and drive out to a strip mall to eat Japanese food, or buy toilet paper, or get my haircut.

Video: How I Boosted a Mexican Condo’s Occupancy Rate By 72% In One Month

Last year I was fortunate to spend some time in one of my favorite places—Tulum, Mexico. I was carrying out an interior design project for two condos that belonged to a client. When the job was finished, I handed them both over to the local vacation rental management company, who promised a 32% to 34% occupancy rate. Not a stellar rate, but not terrible for the first few years of business.

Holbox: Mexico’s Enchanting and Remote Tropical Island

Just a 25-minute boat ride off the northern tip of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is a sliver of an island called Holbox (pronounced ol-bosh). In the Mayan language it means “black hole.” For the increasing number of visitors (as well as a small number of pioneering—mostly part-time expats and full-time business owners) who make their way here it’s a tropical getaway that’s quite different than spots like Cancún and Playa del Carmen on the nearby Riviera Maya.

A Great—and Affordable—Lifestyle in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is arguably the best-known Spanish-colonial town in Mexico…and for good reason. It’s beautiful (and beautifully-preserved), it has great shopping for arts and crafts, fine dining, plenty of English-speaking locals, a huge expat community, and it’s relatively easy to reach.