A Relaxed Pace of Life and Rent of $550 a Month in Beach-Town Nicaragua

“I wanted to live well with less,” says Judith LaRoue of what drew her to a new life abroad. “I wanted to enjoy the life I love and believed I could do that better here in Nicaragua.” Judith, 70, a retired educator, pastor, counselor, Montessori teacher, and self-professed “jack of all trades,” moved to Nicaragua last year.

Retire in Nicaragua

Today, Nicaragua is a premier destination for Americans, Canadians, and Europeans thinking about retiring overseas. Driven by an early-in real estate investment opportunity, low property taxes, and a low cost of living tied to an increase in quality of life, Nicaragua is a hot destination for would-be expatriates looking to flee a rising cost of living in their home countries.

The Cheapest Places to Retire: Five Towns Where You Can Live Better For Less

At home, prices are rising. It costs more to put gas in the car, buy groceries, and pay for health insurance. At the same time, retirement savings eroded in the market downturn. If you’re looking overseas for a low-cost alternative to an uncertain retirement at home, there’s good news. You can find it in places that offer not just “cheap” living, but a whole basketful of benefits, too—places where a mild spring-like climate is yours all year round…beaches are of powder-white sand…snow-capped mountains soar above colonial towns…and your costs could be as low as $1,000 a month.