Americans Retire Overseas “From 600 per Month” highlights the five best-value retirement destinations outside the U.S.

U.S. citizens can retire overseas for as little as $600 a month per couple, according to the live-abroad experts at

An article in’s latest magazine issue highlights the world’s five best low-cost, high-value retirement destinations outside the U.S.’s researchers came up with their top five by examining the budgets American expat retirees are living on in various parts of the world.

They examined factors such as fuel costs, rental prices, the price of food and the cost of health care.

Of the top five destinations, the cheapest among them was the rural town of Vilcabamba in Ecuador, in which a couple can live comfortably on $600 a month, excluding rent.

The picturesque town, known for the healthy lifestyle of its locals and the unusually high number of centenarians it produces, has become increasingly popular among American retirees in recent years.

The secluded getaway of Santa Fe de Veraguas, 200 miles from Panama City, Panama also made it into the top five.

The low cost of accommodation, food and high-end health care meant its budget for a retired couple was estimated at $800 per month.

The colonial city of Granada in Nicaragua also made it into the top five. There, a couple can live well on a monthly budget of $700.

The island of Penang in Malaysia and the increasingly popular Mexican retirement haven of Campeche rounded out the top five.

“The cost of living in these five locations is rock-bottom,” said Jennifer Stevens, executive editor of International Living magazine.

She continued, “But they’re not just cheap. Each of these locations represents good value – they can each deliver a high standard of living at a very low cost.”

The entire article can be read here: “The Cheapest Places to Retire: Five Towns Where You Can Live Better for Less”.

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