Are You Among the 23% Entitled to a Second Passport?

By now, you know that I advocate acquiring dual citizenship. Dual, even multiple citizenship, for Americans has been upheld as a legal right by the U.S. Supreme Court in several cases.

A second passport is solid insurance against tyrannical government. And although Switzerland has been smeared as a haven for tax dodging and money laundering, of all passports, the Swiss is one of the best. It offers visa-free travel to many countries. However, acquiring Swiss citizenship is difficult, usually requiring years of residence to qualify, and even then may be subject to local canton approval.

With the lack of civics education among all Americans today, it is easy for the news media to portray dual citizenship as somehow unpatriotic. That ignores the fact that millions of Americans are legally dual citizens, often without their even knowing it.

Several countries grant full citizenship based on the law of blood, jus sanguinis.

For example, 40 million U.S. citizens, nearly 12% of the population, can trace their ancestry to Ireland. If they can prove that a parent or grandparent was an Irish citizen, they, too, can obtain an Irish passport and citizenship, and thousands have. Likewise, of the 32 million Americans of Mexican origin, many are eligible for dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship.

In recent years, U.S. citizens with dual citizenship have served as officials in the governments of Yugoslavia, Armenia and Estonia. Mohamed Sacirbey, who grew up in the U.S., didn’t set foot in Bosnia until he went there in 1995 to become its foreign minister.

A retired U.S. government employee, Valdas Adamkus, was elected president of his native Lithuania, while a former New York City attorney—and still a U.S. citizen—Leonel Antonio Fernández Reyna served two non-consecutive terms as president of the Dominican Republic.

There is little doubt that government bureaucrats and tax collectors see dual nationality as a threat to their control over the citizens they profess to serve. If you qualify for dual citizenship and a second passport, act now.

You’ll enjoy many advantages with a second passport: The ability to travel with ease to places where Americans aren’t often welcome…a degree of added insurance against an American collapse, catastrophe or other domestic dangers…and perhaps most importantly—the ability to engage in investments and tax planning that’s entirely off-limits to Americans.

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