An Easy Way to Earn an Income in Ecuador

If you are thinking about teaching English overseas, Cuenca in Ecuador has got to be one of the easiest places to start your career.

Imagine sitting back, relaxing and sipping freshly ground Ecuadorian coffee in your favorite little haunt. The sun is shining—as it does every day. Smartly dressed locals are strolling around the pristinely kept Plaza Abdon Calderon, the pulsating heart of the city in modern-day Cuenca.

Everywhere you go, the people you speak with are friendly.

Now back to work. You glance across the table toward your new client; a dentist in her mid-fifties. She needs to learn English because more of her patients are medical tourists who come to Cuenca to get their teeth fixed. But she’s had trouble finding a native English teacher.

I know it can be hard to imagine that people will pay you to teach them English in a café environment. But that’s the simple reality. If you’re at retirement age, then this job is the perfect way to slowly work yourself into a new country and the exotic life that awaits you.

In Cuenca, just as in many countries in Latin America, people respect their elders. It’s a pleasant trait.

Teaching English is easy at this level. You set your own workload, plan your lessons and then sit back as you get paid to talk. If you need more money, you just take on more clients.

In my experience, the real benefits from teaching English far outstrip most other jobs. For instance, you will find that most of your clients will become great friends. As a teacher you will be invited to meet most of their families. This means a lot of delicious home cooked food.

The dentist friend I mentioned above referred to me more paying students than I could ever wish to teach. (She also gave me a fantastic rate whenever I needed dental work.) And that all started with me walking into her clinic, introducing myself in English and leaving a few business cards.

Teaching English is a perfect way to see the world and immerse yourself in a different culture. And doing it in Cuenca is highly recommended.

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