An Unusual Photo

I’ve been telling you this week about the latest deal I negotiated for Real Estate Trend Alert members—on land in an undisclosed location on the Pacific Coast.

Today I want to show you a photo..not of the property (you saw those photos yesterday)…but of the road above.

When the developer first kicked the dirt of this Pacific Coast project, his drive time from the country’s capital city was more than eight hours. This capital…only four hours from Miami…is a sophisticated and fun place. Colonial squares fill at night for al fresco dining. Trendy nightclubs stay open all night. And at any time you can savor the history of the Old Town and museums. This is a fun place to be.

Now thanks to the new road in this photo, you can drive from the capital to the coast in three and a half hours.

On this coast, you can buy a lot with ocean views for $30,000. Where the ocean washes your sandy beach it can be turquoise. Farther out to sea whales drift by between a contrast of dark and light blue ocean capped with frothy breakers. This is a special vista.

The financing with this lot means a manageable down payment and monthly payments of $416.

The landscape around the new road is jaw-droppingly scenic with towering mountains and amazing valleys. Much of this area is protected as a nature preserve. Around each bend, there’s a different microclimate. In places orchids are everywhere in a misty cloud forest. Five minutes away you find semi-dry jungle.

The drive is a treat. But it’s only a taster for the dramatic lush green jungle clad hills and sandy beaches you will find down at the coast. Now you travel direct on the smooth, recently-opened highway. By the time word spreads your opportunity to buy a lot here for $416 a month will be long gone.

This is a special place. A “best in class” project. And a killer deal.

As I’ve said earlier in the week, these lots (just 30 of them) are only available for Real Estate Trend Alert members to buy. And the financing is also only for “RETA” members.

I’ll release full details of this “off market” Pacific Coast deal on Friday.

But this is just one deal. There are dozens of “off market” deals members of Real Estate Trend Alert could have got in on this year alone. And there are more to come.

In Tulum on the southern edge of Mexico’s Riviera Maya you could bag savings of $18,199 with special member-only pricing. Here you’ll find some of the worlds softest and whitest powder sand. Ancient temples fight nature in the shade of palm tress that rustle in the warm Caribbean breezes. Tulum is famous for it’s beaches. Twelve minutes from the coral sand and sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea is truly a enchanting jungle project. The developer is finishing houses with stone taken from the owners’ lots…carving roads around the majestic jungle… and even turning natural caves into little amphitheaters.

Roads meander and branch around endangered and rare trees, and all stone curbing is built by hand from stone recycled from the site. The developer has just released home and lot packages to members of Real Estate Trend Alert.

A government plan calls for infrastructure improvements and an increase in visitor numbers from 2.9 to 11 million by 2020. Tulum is a place that’s on the up. Over the past two decades the Path of Progress has moved from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. Prices each time went through the roof. Tulum is set to be the next big thing. Not spring break like Cancun. High-end niche and sophisticated. Special. The type of place people pay a premium to experience.

Take a trial membership of my Real Estate Trend Alert service and you can immediately access my report on this opportunity and others.

Over in Ireland we have a different type of opportunity. The economy and real estate market has tanked. The IMF and European Union have come in for a so called “bail-out”. The property market is no-bid. Sellers want much more than any buyer will pay.


There’s a way you could pick up a two-bedroom apartment overlooking the roaring Atlantic and in the middle of a charming town for as little as 42,000 euro ($56,000). But the banks, real estate sales people and the government don’t want you to know this. They are still trying to talk up the market. They would be much happier if you paid sticker price. We don’t like doing that. There’s only one way to buy in Ireland. This way you could buy for as little as 20% off what your neighbor paid. The vested interests don’t want you to know this. I do. You find full details on how to do this in the Ireland report I recently send Real Estate Trend Alert members, including how you can do it from your armchair.