Annual Global Retirement Index

Annual Global Retirement Index

Now in its 26th year, IL’s Annual Global Retirement Index is compiled every January to rank and rate the best retirement havens in the world today.

With countries all over the world offering friendly, good-value cities…beaches…highland retreats…historic colonial enclaves…and lakeside getaways, it can be hard to know where to focus.

In the Annual Global Retirement Index we compare, contrast, rank, and rate the world’s best retirement havens. The countries featured every year in the index are all great options if you’re looking for a place where you could live better for less overseas.

From Europe to Latin America, you’ll find beautiful, welcoming, good-value communities, all perfect for somebody. But not, we should caution, all right for everyone. The Annual Global Retirement Index is compiled to help you navigate the best destinations for retiring overseas today. And it’s informed as much by on-the-ground intelligence as by statistics—which is to say: It’s our judicious opinion. It’s designed to help you compare and contrast what we believe are your best options for retirement abroad.

Every year in the Index we profile the best destinations for good-value living. We consider not only a wealth of statistics, but—critically—more than three decades of expertise and current insights from our network of correspondents. Then, to compile the final scores, we crunch numbers in 10 categories—real estate; special benefits for retirees; cost of living; ease of integration; entertainment and amenities; healthcare; healthy lifestyle; visa and residence; infrastructure; and climate.

Use IL’s Annual Global Retirement Index as a guide, a way you can begin to narrow down your choices, based on what’s most important to you. Then go…visit, and see for yourself.

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