Another Easy Day in Laidback Panama

I am sitting enjoying the last of the rainy season with my cup of freshly ground Panama coffee looking out at all the greenery surrounding me.

Looking back over the last six years in Panama, it has been a wild ride. Things have ebbed and flowed but I now feel like a local. I know the backroads around the city, know where to find bargains, and which restaurants are the best.

Most days I find myself on the computer writing and working with periodic stops to wander around outside to stretch my legs and enjoy the cooler weather the rainy season has brought. During this time of year, I generally stay close to home in the afternoons since that is when we get our hefty rain storms with wind and lightning. But sometimes you need a change of pace.

On Saturday I went with friends to Boquete to see my favorite expat band play some good old rock and roll music. The barbeque spread was great, $14 for ribs, beans, and homemade mac and cheese. Of course, adding a few Panama beers in at $1.50 each.  It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon, with good music, barbecue, and friends.

In the past 10 days I have spent a couple of overnighters at both local beaches, La Barqueta and Las Lajas with friends. The mornings are still usually sunny this time of year and the pleasant temperatures at the beach are perfect for a couple of long walks. The low season also makes it an excellent time to go as there were no tourists and we almost had the place to ourselves at the Las Lajas Resort. It was a nice getaway before summer and the tourists return.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to the movies to see a new release in English. The price of $1.75 is hard to pass up and it makes for another nice way to spend an afternoon.

Snowbird season is fastly approaching and that’s when my condo complex once again fills up with new people who come for a few months to enjoy the summer here. So, my social scene will be full up again as I get out and enjoy all the summer activities and events throughout the province.

In past years our complex started having a Friday night buffet where all residents are invited. Everyone brings a dish and we all chit chat until late, getting to know each other. Occasionally we plan outings to the beach, the fair, or lunch. Its been fun and I look forward to it again this year with returning friends and meeting new ones. I have met more people and found more friends here In Panama than I ever had back home in Denver.

It’s a great life here in Panama and I love my flexible schedule which allows me to have fun when I want with friends. My lifestyle here is easy and laidback and I love it.

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