Are You Nosey Enough To Be An Entrepreneur?

If you’re going to succeed in the entrepreneurial life, you need to scout the truth for yourself and learn as much as you can about others who are sharing this path. In fact, you could approach this like an anthropologist.

In case you’ve forgotten…anthropology is the study of mankind, especially of our origins, developments, customs, and beliefs. The same study can be applied to learning about self-employment.

Be endlessly curious about how other self-bossers got started…how they grew their businesses…how they plan their time…and what their belief system is. You could do the equivalent of a doctoral degree studying those success factors, but even as a part-time hobby, entrepreneurial anthropology makes an inspiring pastime.

Enhance your anthropological studies with regular field trips. You can learn so much by watching business-owners in action. Study their customs, ask them what got them started. Like a good anthropologist, take field notes.

When I spent a day exploring a small town filled with creative enterprises, I entered a funky home furnishings store called Twister. The owner, Dennis Galtowitsch, welcomed me with a beaming smile.

“What’s the focus of your store?” I asked.

“Not having to be an engineer anymore,” he laughed.

Then he went on to explain that he and his wife had bought the building, which housed a hardware store. When he and his tenant couldn’t agree on the lease, he decided to take over the space himself and open a store that sold things he and his wife loved. I spent nearly an hour listening to the story of his entrepreneurial adventure.

Reading Incomes Abroad is a perfect place to start your studies. Each issue is filled with real life examples of those who have turned their dreams into reality. Best of all, you’ll discover that most entrepreneurial folks love to tell the stories of their business. You’ll learn how they got their ideas, how they launched their businesses, how they discovered what worked—and what didn’t.

Look for the stories…ask questions…and discover how you can create a success story of your own. We could be reading about you in Incomes Abroad in time to come.

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