9 Reasons to Live in Spain

Do you long to laze on a sunny Mediterranean beach? Explore historic buildings and ground-breaking architecture? Or just indulge in a simple cup of coffee, paired with a tasty churro? Then maybe Spain is the perfect place for you.

If you’re looking for a laidback retirement, then you need look no further. You don’t know what a relaxed lifestyle is until you experience Spain. This is the country that came up with the siesta, after all.

Right now, for expats, Spain is more affordable than it’s been in decades. Day-to-day expenses, for instance, can be very low. Pick one of the many areas with a warm, mild climate, and your monthly utilities can run to $200 or less.

Of course, if you’re not content with just sitting back and relaxing, there’s plenty to do and see in Spain too. From a myriad of bars, restaurants and cafes, to the world famous Gaudi architecture and historic castles—ruined and restored—you’ll never be stuck for entertainment.

Spanish cuisine is famous for being both delicious and healthy, and there are plenty of different dishes to choose from. What’s more, sticking to a Mediterranean diet won’t just keep your doctor happy and your waist slim, it’ll save you money too.

Along with a low cost of living, Spain’s property market also has a number of real bargains, especially in beach areas. Modern apartments near the Costa del Sol can range between $185,900 to $265,500, while a hilltop villa in Granada might start as low as $225,700.

But possibly Spain’s biggest attraction may be the people. Warm and engaging, Spaniards believe in enjoying life and they put a high value on friends and family.

But this only scratches the surface of the reasons why Spain is a top retirement destination… If you want to learn more, read on for 9 reasons why you should consider living in Spain.


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