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You can live better, for less, overseas.

And International Living Postcards (Australian Edition) is all about where and how…

This is a completely FREE resource for living large for less in fabulous destinations all over the world.

If you’ve ever thought about living, working or retiring overseas, but didn’t know where to start, then International Living Postcards is for you. Five times a week, expats who have already begun their overseas adventure will reveal to you some of the most desirable and affordable retirement havens on earth.

You’ll discover retirement, travel and lifestyle opportunities from around the world…all from a uniquely Australian perspective.

In these postcards, you’ll discover what it costs to live as an Aussie in your favourite overseas spots…what the locals are really like…whether you should rent or buy property…even down to things like the cost of a dinner in a local restaurant.

If you dream of an easier life…one where you have more control over your time…and worry less about money…sign up for International Living Postcards. You’ll read all about places where you can live much better and more comfortably than you live now…on less than half the money it costs you to live in Australia.

You can travel to parts of the world and enjoy prices from the 1950s. I’m talking about somewhere only a few hours away…that holds a place in your heart. Somewhere you’ve fallen in love with…for the easy pace of life…the friendly locals who wave to you every morning…the warm, white sand under your feet…the complete absence of stress… This doesn’t have to be a once-every-couple-of-years treat…let us show you how to make your dreams of living overseas a reality.

Radical transparency means we’re on the same page…

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If your question is not adequately answered, contact us via any one of these methods.

We want you to love International Living Postcards and find it a genuinely useful resource that will help you pursue and achieve the life you want—not just the life you can afford.

Of course, there is the chance that you will be hugely underwhelmed by the fare on offer. If you are, don’t worry. We provide a clear escape route from our thoughts, musings and ideas in every email we send. You can opt out at any time with no hard feelings.

Ideally, you’d just press ‘escape’ on your computer keyboard. While that would be great, sadly it won’t work. But you will find an unsubscribe link in the footer of every email. Click on that, and we shan’t bother you again.

But we hope it doesn’t come to that…at least not until we’ve helped you find your escape route to wherever…

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