Is France Safe?

You may adore France –the beauty, the cheese, the wine–but you won’t quite be ready to pack your bags until you know you’ll feel safe living there. Concern is understandable, given the acts of terrorism that have occurred in the country over the past few years. But France generally remains a safe place to visit and live. Violent crime is relatively uncommon in France, although visitors should exercise increased caution due to terrorism. Below, I discuss several aspects of safety of France.

The Surprisingly Affordable French Riviera

Nice, France is a place often considered synonymous with dazzling wealth and a lavish, champagne-soaked lifestyle. There’s good reason for this reputation. From the 19th century until about World War II, this was the legendary winter playground of well-to do expats. The likes of Hemingway, Picasso and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald cavorted here during the roaring ‘20s. And it’s only about 30 minutes from the high-stakes gambling dens of Monte Carlo, made famous in James Bond films.

Food in France

For millions of people around the globe, there’s simply nothing better than French cuisine. Ask French foodies about their favorite dish and you can expect a tortured monologue that can last for ages: “A juicy magret de canard! No, no… a simple onion soup! But, oh, but I love seared fois gras too…And what about Read more...

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