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Savouring a Richer, Better Life Overseas

Azure waters kiss the white-sand beach fringed with casuarina trees. A few kayakers and paddle boarders bob about in the sparkling waters. On the sand, there’s not a beach lounger in sight and the only sounds are gently breaking waves and exotic birds singing in nearby trees…

Spain Uncovered

You could say I ended up where I am in life because of absinthe and Picasso.My first ever trip overseas took me to an ancient port town in faraway Spain. I was in awe of the history, I was a glutton for the delicious food and I couldn’t believe the value I was getting for my meagre funds.

The Biggest Problem You’ll Have in Bali…

It’s the most flower-filled place I have ever been. Every morning the pavements are scrubbed and little baskets of blooms are laid out. Frangipani flowers are strewn on statues and steps, baskets of woven palm are filled with white lime, red betel-nut and more…each colour has a meaning…yellow for the god Mahadeva…blue for Vishnu…
Cebu, Philippines

Feeling Younger and Healthier in Low-Cost Philippines

Michael and his wife Barbara moved to the city of Cebu on the Philippine island of the same name eight years ago and have never looked back. “We actually feel younger. My kids are amazed at the transformation in me,” says Michael. “We came here thinking we would quietly and warmly head “into the sunset”. We very quickly found that we were actually heading “into the sunshine”.