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At Home in Rome for $2,000 a Month

Recently I was lucky enough to spend two months in the bustling, vibrant, food-loving Italian capital, Rome. A place where monuments tower overhead, pizzerias serve their fare crispy and hot and the best gelato in the world is never more than a few minutes away.

In Pictures: My Top Five Towns in All of Europe

For most of the past five years, I’ve been exploring Europe non-stop. I’ve lived in the Swiss Alps and spent winters in Paris. I’ve based myself in Italian hill country and along the coast of Sicily. I’ve gone off the beaten track in Slovenia and Belgium. And I’ve fallen in love with this continent over and over again...
Assisi, Italy

An Insider’s Guide to Assisi, Italy

In all my many years of travelling around Italy, the tiny pink-and-white-stone hilltop town of Assisi has always had a special place in my heart. I first visited in the heart of winter and found myself wandering down the hill through brown and golden leaves, turning to look back at the imposing cathedral and town wreathed in fog before coming back up to wander its winding, narrow, perfectly Italian hill town streets.
Getting paid to travel the world

U.S. Road Trips, Italian Feasts and Swiss Vineyards: Getting Paid to Travel the World

Winding my way through Rome’s maze-like cobblestone streets, I arrived at the home of an Italian food-writer-turned-cooking-teacher for a private pasta-making lesson. We rounded off the afternoon indulging in our extravagant, carefully-prepared lunch of artichoke and tomato tagliatelle, traditional tortellini in rich broth and mint-stuffed ravioli—all accompanied by a glass of perfectly poised Chianti...
Paris on a Budge

Paris on a Budget: Savouring “The City of Light” For Less

If you’re like me, just hearing the name of “The City of Light” makes you smile, conjuring up images of long afternoons whiled away on cafe terraces, still-warm baguettes ripped apart and eaten with spreads, long walks through cobbled streets, cocktails in tiny wood-paneled bars, experimental fusion dinners in tiny up-and-coming restaurants, towering architectural marvels and bottles of perfectly balanced wines from some of the world’s best vineyards...