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10 Reasons to Live in Bali

The soothing sounds of gamelan music—a mix of gongs, xylophone-type instruments and flutes—drifts through the balmy air from nearby temples. This sound, like so much else about the paradise island of Bali, is unique. Bali is an intoxicating place—just over three-and-a-half hours from Perth...

Explore the Valleys of Ecuador

A patchwork quilt of blue-green grass stretches before you, complemented here and there with splashes of fuchsia, lavender, coral, bright yellow... The unmistakable aroma of eucalyptus hitches a ride on a fresh breeze, accented by wood smoke that you can just spy wisping its way out of a red-brick chimney poking from an adobe-walled house, barely visible on the mountainside far across the way.