10 Reasons to Live in Italy

A Mediterranean climate…fresh, simple, delicious cuisine…culture that surrounds you…wine, the very best of it… If this sounds like your paradise, then take a closer look at Italy. From the stunning Amalfi Coast to the rolling hills of Tuscany to the culture-rich capital of Rome, Italy is a breathtaking country and one that has a lot to offer those looking for a retirement haven with an elegant twist.

In Pictures: Live In Provence, France

Lush with golden sunflower beds, aromatic lavender fields, ancient olive trees, legendary grape vines and rolling mountains, Provence has long been sought after by people looking for the good life. With 300 days of sunshine and a rich heritage, Provence has some of the loveliest towns, villages and styles of architecture in France. If you’re searching for an idyllic place to live in France, Provence may just be it.

In Pictures: The Top 3 Island Retirement Havens in Malta

The five-island archipelago that makes up the nation of Malta offers a mix of historic Europe and modern international culture. Just south of Sicily and about 300 miles off the coast of Tunisia, these Mediterranean islands give visitors the very best in sunshine and cyan-hued waters. Expats in Malta enjoy a relaxed, low cost lifestyle, which is made even easier by the fact that most natives speak fluent English. They entertain themselves by attending the many festi (feasts) hosted on the islands, exploring the natural beauty of their home or going out for a meal in one of the many diverse restaurants available to them.

Penang: Good Food, Low Costs And Deserted Beaches

Deserted white-sand beaches, lush jungle-covered mountains and a bustling UNESCO-listed capital…welcome to the island of Penang. I had heard that this was an island rich in tradition and culture…but it really does have to be seen to be believed. As I wandered around the bustling market streets of the capital George Town, I saw the melting-pot heritage that Penang is famous for.

Street Food, Art And History In Penang’s Culture Capital

Because of its easy mix of the old and new, the Malaysian island of Penang has been described by expats as stepping back in time with all the benefits of modern comforts. Here 21-century conveniences abound, but this multi-cultural island holds onto enough of its traditions and Asian charm to make it a real haven if you’re eager to experience new cultures.

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