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Escape to a Tropical Island (and Live on $1,500 a Month)

Thomas O’Neal had never been to Malaysia. In fact he hadn’t been anywhere in Asia, which made his sudden decision to move to the tropical island of Penang a brave one. Thomas has also found that Penang is a great place if you like the outdoors, walking, hiking, trekking or biking. “I plan on losing a few pounds here too, and I’m working on my tan as we speak.
Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching: Sunset G&Ts, Headhunters & Country Music

I’m sitting on the rooftop lounge of The Lime Tree Hotel, gazing out at an ancient fort which sits majestically above the fast-flowing Sarawak River. In the distance, the emerald green of the jungle holds my attention. It’s hard to imagine that an Englishman, James Brooke, crowned himself King of this State and that his family then ruled it for over 150 years. There was a lot of headhunting going on when he arrived and the tribes surrounding what would have then been a small fishing village would have taken some subduing...

Christmas in Malaysia

I’m often asked about Christmas in Malaysia and what it’s like to experience Christmas in the tropics. Without a doubt it's a special time of year and December and January are the busiest social months of the year—for expats and Malaysians alike...