Savouring Life’s Luxuries on Thailand’s Royal Coast

Happily settled in the growing expat hub of Hua Hin on Thailand’s Royal Coast, Robyn Lynch, 52, and Frank Rizzo, 57, avail of luxuries they could never have considered back in Sydney. “We have a maid come to clean the house for four hours a week for less than $20,” says Robyn. “And we have some garden guys that come for four hours once a fortnight at a cost of $60 a visit...

A Beach Lifestyle for a Third of What It Would Cost in Australia

All we had to last us the next 30-plus years was our meagre life savings, accumulated superannuation and the proceeds of the sale of our assets in Australia. As we did not plan to be in Australia when we came of age to access our Australian Government Pension, it could not be part of our financial calculations. (We are not at retirement age as yet—Vivien’s 53 and I’m 58.)

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