Expat Life in Chiang Mai

A passion fruit and mango smoothie was always a favourite for breakfast when I was holidaying in Chiang Mai. It was called a “Smoothie Blue” and it was sweet and cool in the gorgeous tropical weather. My teenage son would order a stack of pancakes, my husband would enjoy bacon and eggs and I would go for a seasonal fruit muesli with Greek yogurt.

5 Reasons Why Retiring Overseas Was a Bad Decision

Even though it was two-and-a-half years ago, the moment is still vivid in my mind. My friend Tony accosted me at the local shopping centre. He had heard my family and I were selling our house and moving overseas. His eyes were piercing and earnest and carried a sense of urgency. His fingers were digging into my forearm in an attempt to really make his point. “Don’t do it Rachel! Just don’t do it!”...

Dentistry in Thailand

Have you ever wondered why the Thai people are famous for their smiles? Well, partly, they will attribute their gorgeous pearly whites to the skilled dentistry within the country.As someone who lives in Chiang Mai, I can attest to the quality of workmanship and economic value of the dentists here. In fact, my local bar and restaurant is opposite a popular dental office and at least once a fortnight I meet Australians who have come over for some dental work and throw in a holiday to boot.

Northern Thailand: A Guide

Where the pale blue infinity pool ended, the view began. The lush jungle covered the hills in unpredictable twisted peaks. Amongst the tree tops, teak pagodas burst through the canopy with grand, curved roof lines reminiscent of yesteryear. Down below were fertile rice paddies making a patchwork of greens, the dark emerald and pale lime colours added to the vibrancy of the natural surroundings...

Chiang Mai Rentals

The room’s white tiled floor made it feel large and cool. The queen-size bed, generally standard in condos in Chiang Mai, had a simple bed head, which would work with any style of decoration. There was also a modest dining room table for two, a fridge, microwave and a white tiled shower/toilet...

Is it Safe for Single Women Travelling to Northern Thailand?

Today more than ever single women are questioning whether it is safe to travel solo. As potential tourists or possible expats, we need to be extremely well informed about the decisions that we make. As a woman living in Chiang Mai, I can certainly say that I feel very safe here. Just a few months back, I took the public bus from...

Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai?

It is a feeling that’s difficult to describe. The first time it hits you it’s exciting, foreign and overwhelming. The strange humidity that hugs you, the sounds of tuk tuks singing and the different energy buzzing around makes you feel very alive. Stepping out from the airport into Thailand is going to be an adventure every single time—guaranteed.

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