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Simpler Life

Savouring a Simpler Life in “The Land of Smiles”

Last weekend I was enjoying an icy mango daiquiri with my husband at our local pub, the Gekko Garden, when we got chatting to an Australian couple on holidays in Chiang Mai. They asked us how long we were staying in Thailand and their faces dropped when we told them that we live here. Cue the questions on how we made it happen…
Jungle, Chiang Mai

Mountain Giants, Hidden Villages and Jungle Adventures

The lush greenness of the Thai jungle during the wet season is something to behold. Here in Chiang Mai, the rains have come a little early. The darkest grey clouds slide over the mountains on their way to drench the parched landscape. The monsoons hit for a short time—erupting for an hour or so—and then fade again…
Chiang Mai, Thailand

How I Fund my Retirement in Thailand…At Age 47

When I told people I was selling everything I owned, leaving behind my teaching career and moving to Thailand I heard, ‘No you’re not!’, ‘You can’t’ and even desperate pleas of ‘Don’t do it, you’re making a mistake!’ Actually, I couldn’t believe it myself, although I knew by then that I was committed to the idea...
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rent from $250 a Month in Chiang Mai, Thailand

From the balcony of my 14th-floor home I can gaze upon a fertile landscape. The northern Thai city of Chiang Mai sits surrounded by views of lush, forested hills. The icing on the cake is the golden Buddhist temple on Doi Suthep mountain. During the day, it sparkles in the sunshine and at night local monks illuminate it, making it shine gold in a pitch black sky. The effect is stunning—the temple looks as if it’s floating in the darkness by magic.
chiang mai, thailand

A New Life and No Worries in Chiang Mai, Thailand

“When I moved to Chiang Mai, I unearthed the rich and colourful life I thought was lost,” says Pam Manning of her new life in Thailand. Chiang Mai is famous for being a town of artisans and Lanna (Northern Thai) culture. It’s a place of flowers, temples, fruit, joyful festivals and colour is everywhere...velvety maroons, popping pinks…