Celebrating Christmas in Italy

The Christmas season here in Italy is in full swing. It was kicked off officially by the national holiday of the Immacolata on December 8. That’s the day when the switch is thrown on public tree lightings and ornate illuminations festooning streets all over the country, bringing with them smiles and joy and signalling to all that you have no hope of maintaining any semblance of a diet for the next month.

Live in Italy Without Breaking the Bank

When Jan Keshen retired from her teaching job last year, she celebrated by planning a three-month trip to Italy. She said being able to spend time seeing the country in-depth was a dream come true. “We’re not super-rich,” says Jan. But by staying in apartments and balancing longer stays in less expensive spots with a few hotel nights in cities, she and her husband struck an affordable balance...

An Insider’s Guide: Best Things to Do in Tuscany

Many guidebooks and websites are dedicated to Tuscany, one of Italy’s most famous regions. But most of them seem to focus on the same over-trod territory and highlight the “usual suspects” in terms of activities and sights. With that in mind, we are going to look at some fun and interesting alternatives for a trip to Italy’s most famous destination, to mix things...

Rent in Undiscovered Italy from $471 a Month

Sitting at a cliff-side table overlooking the white-washed old town of Polignano a Mare, my husband Bryan and I marvel at how it manages to stay on its rock and not slide into the water below. The remnants of our delicious, fresh seafood lunch are being cleared away as we catch movement on the opposite cliff and turn our heads back toward town.

Explore Italy’s Secret Gardens

With so much to see in Italy, many travellers overlook the country’s beautiful gardens and lose out on a special experience as a result. For these are no ordinary, peaceful patches of green; they are often reflections of artistic expression with exotic designs and formal layouts. The best-known gardens are the elegant, noble estates of Villa d’Este near Rome, the Royal Palace of Caserta close to Naples, and the Boboli Gardens in Florence, but there are other—secret—gardens to explore…

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