A Comfortable Life of Luxury in Cambodia’s Capital

“Living in Cambodia has been a game changer for me,” says Paul Howard, 68. “The lifestyle I can afford is amazing and I feel a real sense of freedom compared to my life back in Australia.

“Phnom Penh is where I call home now because it has so much to offer. There is everything here that I need to live a great life free of money worries and with access to pretty much whatever luxuries I want. And I’m not the only Aussie who’s cottoned-on to the benefits of this country.”

Paul has been living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s vibrant capital, for over two years after being taken aback by the incredible low costs he discovered on his first visit to the country. “Can you imagine renting a nice apartment in the middle of Sydney for $500 a month?” asks Paul. “It’d never happen. But in Phnom Penh the rent for my Western-style apartment is $365 a month, add on utilities like air-conditioning and Pay TV and I still only pay around $475 a month, all up.”

Despite having run a reasonably successful business and owning a house in Australia, Paul was still only just getting by and his retirement was looking far from luxurious…until he decided Cambodia was where his future lay.

“I was actually on holiday in Cambodia when the flick switched inside my head and I realised if I rented my house in Australia then it would cover all the costs of having a much higher standard of living over here,” says Paul.

“My God, you can’t even imagine the difference in my lifestyle nowadays because everything has totally changed for me. Living in Cambodia means I never have to worry about what things cost as it’s all so affordable. You name it and I guarantee you can get it here for a fraction of the price you’d pay in Australia.”

Paul says that by moving to Phnom Penh his retirement has become what he always dreamed it would be—a comfortable life of luxury.

“First of all, I no longer have to drive or keep a car thanks to an app on my phone that lets me book a taxi at the click of a button,” says Paul. “And not any old cab but a luxury SUV, normally a Lexus, that will take me wherever I want in the city for $2 to $3.

“I’m lucky enough to still have a good head of hair on me so I always get the VIP Cambodian barber shop treatment which includes a gaggle of ladies who give me a wash, shampoo and head massage before a bloke skillfully snips away at my hair. And the cost for all this is just $6.”

When it comes to keeping healthy Paul likes to live it large by going to the Phnom Penh Sports Club where an entire day’s access to their large swimming pool, gym, steam, sauna and jacuzzi as well as getting a traditional Khmer massage is less than $14.

“After spending the day splashing about in the pool and relaxing in the steam room I love nothing more than to take another luxury SUV taxi to Piccola Italia Da Luigi as it’s the best Italian restaurant in the city,” he says. “An authentic and delicious pizza with a couple of glasses of wine fill me up nicely and the bill is not much more than $12.

“This is why I love living in Phnom Penh. I get to enjoy all of life’s luxuries without having to count my pennies or watch what I spend anymore. My life here isn’t good, it’s flipping great!”

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