Condo Living in Chiang Mai: Rent $835 a Month

The Chiang Mai suburb of Nimman is fashionable and fun, without being too pretentious. And while there’s certainly a Western influence, it still retains an authentic feel.

And I must admit, as a resident of Nimman, I find the easy access to coffee shops, convenience stores and pharmacies a blessing. Everything you need is right on your doorstep—whether it’s laundry detergent or an extra strong latte.

If you do decide to live in Nimman, you’ll almost certainly end up in a condominium. And in all honesty, there’s no better place to be.

I should know. I live in one.

My fiance and I are happily living at a complex called [email protected] It’s located on Soi 2, just off Nimmanhaemin Road (the main street in Nimman). It’s also very close to Maya Shopping Mall, which has an ultra-modern cinema complex, a food court and a gourmet grocery store.

We pay 20,000 baht (about $835) a month for our modern studio, which has a balcony with spectacular mountain views. Our complex is kitted out with a pool, a gym, multiple communal areas (all of which are beautifully furnished) and even a library. Here’s a peek inside…

©Michelle Hammond

We found our condo with the help of an agent and there’s certainly plenty of options available. Here’s a taste of just some of the condos available for rent in Nimman right now…

  • A one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo, measuring 50 square metres. Located at The Nimmana, which has a swimming pool, a gym, landscaped gardens and 24-hour security. Rent: 18,000 baht ($754) per month on a one-year contract.
  • A one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo, measuring 50 square metres. Located at The Unique @Nimman 2, which has a swimming pool, a fitness centre and a steam room. Rent: 25,000 baht ($1,047) per month on a one-year contract.
  • A two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo, measuring 73 square metres. Located at Moda Condominium, which has a swimming pool and a fitness centre. Rent: 40,000 baht ($1,675) per month on a one year-contract.

Whichever option you choose, one thing’s for sure: life in Nimman is rewarding. The money you’ll inevitably save on rent can be used for nice dinners, pampering yourself or trips away. What’s not to like?

Here are my top tips for choosing a condo in Nimman:

  • Know what you want from the outset—and what you are (and aren’t) willing to pay.
  • If the price is just beyond your budget, try negotiating with the agent or landlord. For our studio, we managed to wipe 2,000 baht ($84) off the weekly rent, simply by asking.
  • Visit the condos in person. Our agent showed us inside a series of condos that matched our requirements perfectly.
  • Pay attention to the location of the condo. Is it next to a bar or some other noisy venue?
  • Don’t rush into it. Condos are a dime a dozen in Nimman, so make sure you’re happy with the one you choose. We returned to ours for a second look to make sure it was the one we wanted.

Happy hunting!

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